Ready to buy propane at a great price?

Do you own your own propane tank to heat your home, outdoor kitchen, pool, hot tub or business? If so, prepare to end the frustration of paying too much to fill it! At the Propane Club of America, we have spent years developing relationships with the gas companies and amassing enough buying power to negotiate with them to get our members the best possible prices on propane.

While many of the gas companies will encourage you to lease a tank from them and offer you discounts for doing so, these discounts usually do not last more than one year, and after that, your price per fill can go up significantly.

By joining the Propane Club of America, you can lock in your prices for at least a year at at a time and rest assured that you are paying the lowest price possible on a long-term basis.

Owning your own tank allows you the freedom to shop and negotiate the best rate! To help our clients, we both fill and sell tanks in a variety of sizes including 250, 330, 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks.

Buy Propane and so many other benefits!

Save Money: No more minimum annual consumption fees or rental costs. When you rent or use a propane supplier’s tank, you are paying for the rental costs. Whether it is a line item on your bill or not, the propane supplier is recouping the cost of their asset on your property. The propane supplier may do this by raising their price per gallon above what it costs to own your own tank

Customization: Customers can customize their tanks… choose a color or paint it yourself!

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone: When you own your propane tank, you get to choose the tank size you are comfortable with. Many people choose a tank larger or smaller than they really need, and we can offer guidance to help you choose the correct size.

If you live or work in North Carolina, contact us today to either buy your own propane tank, or join our club and start saving on propane!

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