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Purchase a propane tank from us as we work with our members to purchase the tank that will best fit their needs. Our customers often use propane to heat their homes or businesses, hot tubs, pools, and outdoor kitchens. We have propane tanks for sale in various sizes including:

120 Gallon Propane Tanks

250 Gallon Propane Tanks

330 Gallon Propane Tanks

500 Gallon Propane Tanks

1000 Gallon Propane Tanks

1400 Gallon Propane Tanks

Purchase a propane tankIn order to provide our clients with a tank that will best fit their needs, we have above ground, underground, above/underground and refurbished propane tanks for sale.


Many propane providers have promoted the leasing of tanks as being cheaper for their customers on a monthly basis. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to renting a tank from a propane provider. And instead of saving money, it may actually cost you more in the long run. Leasing that tank outside is cheaper in the short term, but if you know that you’re going to have ongoing propane needs, then it’s likely going to cost you significantly more than just buying your own propane tank.

Why You Should Purchase a Propane Tank

The biggest reason to buy a propane tank? Choice of propane delivery companies.

When you are leaPropane Tanks for salesing your tank from a given provider, you are pretty much stuck getting your propane from them. If their prices are too high and going up, you’re still locked in to buying from them. With your OWN tank, you are NOT. You can choose to use whatever companies service your area. We believe that you are ALWAYS going to get the absolute best price on propane through Propane Club of America, but should you find someplace that is cheaper, you can actually buy from them.

The second reason buy a propane tank? No monthly lease.

Over the months and likely years that you’re going to be needing your propane tank for your home or business, you’re going to pay far more than it was worth. Just like renting a car or a house, in the long haul, you’ll end up paying far more. If you are a business, it is all tax-deductible, but still, there’s no reason to waste money.

Propane Tanks for Sale

Propane Club of America is proud to be one of the very few companies that actually offers propane tanks for sale to the the general public. Most of the time, customers are forced to lease their tanks. Based on the above reasons, it makes more sense for the gas companies to allow only leasing. We are all about putting choice back in your hands!

Propane tank prices will vary on the volume. Gas cylinders can go from 100 to 1000 gallons or more. The most common sizes for us would be the 100 gallon, 250 gallon, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon sizes. Because propane tanks come in many different sizes, you need to know your usage estimate before you buy a tank. There’s no use having a 1000 gallon propane tank outside when you only use 100 gallons of propane per year!

If you need help in determining which tank is right for you, talk to us and we’ll help you have a better understanding of tank sizing and selection.

Residential / Home Propane Tank Sizing

Selecting accurate propane tank sizing for residential/home use is quite straightforward. However, there are several variables in the process such as:

  • Total square footage of your home
  • Number or types of propane appliances installed in the home
  • Geographical location / general climate
  • Total BTU load (BTU’s of all installed propane appliances)

Feel that your propane requirements are not that high? Don’t worry as we offer propane tanks for sale in different sizes to accommodate every need – no matter how big or small.

Commercial Propane Tank Sizing

Generally, commercial customers are going to be in a pretty good position to know what kind of propane volume that they will need. If you’re a new business and just opening up, contact us so that we may provide some educated estimates based on other customers. For established business though, reviewing your annual/monthly usages will really help indicate what size tank is going to be most suitable for your company.

We Offer A Variety Of Propane Tank Sizes for Sale

Ready to buy your own propane tank? Look no further- we pride ourselves on our safe, reliable, quality propane tank products and excellent customer service. Our tank buying program includes several size options – from 100 and 250, to 500 and 1000 gallon propane tanks. If you would like to learn more about the Propane Club of America, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re proud to have American made propane tanks for sale

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