Member Testimonials

The Propane Club of America, we believe in helping our customers. We work with a number of gas companies to help our members get lower prices for the propane they need to heat their homes, run their businesses and much more.

But we don’t expect you to take all of that at just our word. Below are some kind words that some of our satisfied customers have shared with us.

If you would like to learn more about how we operate, or to begin saving money on your propane, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

William E- Chatham County

“I moved from GA nearly 5 years back to a property with a propane tank.  Knowing very little about the propane providers in Chatham county, I stayed with the provider the previous homeowner had used which was Ferrell Gas. I believed, as many do, that the rates provided by the propane companies were the best available.  I was very wrong,  After the last surprise I looked around for alternatives.  We had sunk quite a bit into new HVAC systems so it was not justified to go the geothermal route. I started shopping for alternatives (we own a 1,000 gallon tank) and found the Propane Club of America who saved me about $1.10 per gallon over Ferrell Gas (over $600 from the last time I filled the tank).  Check them out at – perhaps you’ll save more than I did.”

Nancy C - Raleigh

“Glenn has a vision that I believe mirrors most. People should be able to afford to heat their home and be able to compare pricing as well. He’s courteous, knowledgeable, prompt, and great to conduct business with.”

William D - Franklinton
“PCA had quick and seamless service and arranged for propane tank and hookup within 3-days of my initial contact. The lower price for the propane paid for the membership fee.”
Kim S - Midland

“Great working with Glenn, out of Raleigh NC. He took the time to help me with a propane problem and resolved the situation and gave us a great price on propane in return saves us money. Looking forward to working with your company in the future. I have and will continue to refer your business to friends and neighbors with propane needs. Thank you.”

Craig T - Zebulon

“Great Service! They worked with me to find the best deal to buy the tank, found local and honest tradesmen to help install the system and fill the tank at the best rates possible. Thanks Glenn.”

Ron C

“Glenn is straightforward and to the point, saving almost 50% per gallon of what I spent on fuel my last refill. Now he has my attention. I am going to purchase a tank, which allows me the freedom of purchasing propane from whomever I want. He can assist with the purchase, moving your tank and installing the new tank. And yes, I want to buy fuel through Glenn.”

Russ - Sherrills Ford, North View Harbour

“Every North View Harbor participant should have saved hundreds of dollars last heating season, even after PCA membership fee and Quality’s inspection fee. My estimate given the figures people gave us last year was that those with 500 gallon tanks saved $233.74 again even after the fees were deducted upfront.”

Charles Walkup, Jr. - Waxhaw

“After reading almost all horror stories of my then current supplier in Waxhaw area, I accidentally discovered Propane Club of America. As a result they handled arrangements and I now own my own tank, and the new company filled it up at 1.20/gal. less than the previous company. I can now shop around. The install was perfectly timed and the Club membership was a most wise investment, not only saving me money in the long run, but time in effecting the change. Most grateful for this service!”

Sandra B. - Garner

“My name is Sandra Bedwell, Garner, NC   I have been a Propane Club of America member since 2011. I have saved money every year. Not just twenty bucks but hundreds of dollars. Glenn Gibson is easy to work with and I call him “Mr. Personality”. If you are into saving money you came to the right guy. I am a senior citizen and have a disabled daughter at home, also am on Social Security which has to feed, house, clothe and pay my medical bills. Not easy, so I am always looking to cut corners, cut coupons and live. If you want to speak to me personally just ask Glen for my phone # and we will chat. Nothing wrong with stretching a dollar.”