Why Propane Club of America?
Save Money & Save Time


We specialize in helping individuals, families and businesses save money on their propane fuel costs. We do this by negotiating with local propane delivery companies to get our members the most affordable propane prices in Charlotte, Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. We do the work — you enjoy the comfort!

Whether you know it or not, you could be paying as much as $1 per gallon more for propane than your next-door neighbor! We regularly encounter situations like this. This is because the propane industry is unregulated. There aren’t any controls on what companies can charge (if customers don’t know any better). 

PCOA Saves You Time

Propane Club of America founder Glenn Gibson experienced this first-hand when he moved to North Carolina and was unable to find a gas company that would offer him the same rate he learned his neighbors were paying. After this frustrating experience, Glenn decided to be an advocate for himself and other propane users throughout NC.

That’s why North Carolina propane customers need Propane Club of America.

PCOA – Group Buying Power

Since founding the club, we have gotten to know the propane industry and current market prices, developed relationships with the local companies, and used our group buying power to help our club members routinely save anywhere from $0.25 to $1.00 per gallon on their propane fuel.

PCOA – Buying Leverage

Our extensive experience and buying leverage allow us to secure better prices for our members than they could get on their own. We know what companies’ profit margins really are, and how much they’re willing to bend, in order to get our business. Many times, we lock in prices during the summer months when propane prices are lowest — securing low prices for the entire year. We also get competitive bids from multiple propane vendors that deliver to the same location to ensure that members get the best possible price for their area.

PCOA – Flexible Membership Options

In addition to servicing individuals and families, Propane Club of America also helps businesses, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations and other commercial customers. We offer budget billing and discounts for seniors, government workers, the police, fire department and members of the Armed Forces.

PCOA – Quality Customer Service

Beyond affordable propane, Propane Club of America always goes the extra mile in search of special offers, discounts and bargains for our members.  Find out about the additional member benefits you will enjoy when you join Propane Club of America.

Take a look at our club memberships below to determine the best option for you.  Then contact us by phone, email or online contact form.